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While many current customs laws go back to 1790, the industry has changed significantly. The time it takes to transport goods from country to country has significantly decreased. Powerful retailers can exert undue influence when a shipment is delayed due to legal issues.

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California Customs Law Attorneys

Centuries-old laws remain complex and understanding them requires the help of an experienced lawyer at Stein Shostak Shostak Pollack & O'Hara, LLP. Since 1933, we have represented clients in specific areas of customs and international trade law, including:

  • Pre-importation planning and duty disputes — U.S. Customs is one of the few agencies where a binding decision can be secured up front. Prior to an adverse decision after goods are imported, pre-importation planning is vital to avoid problems and save money in a proactive manner.
  • Export law — Corporate clients have relied on our counsel in this complex area for nine decades. Our Los Angeles export attorneys work with companies to determine if certain products and components have restrictions imposed by U.S. commerce and state departments.
  • Customs seizures and penalties — A majority of our practice involves merchandise seized by the government. Violations of United States law can lead to consequences in importation law. The most minor issue can have major consequences to all importers and our clients.
  • U.S. federal administrative law Imports and exports — Since all imports must pass through U.S. Customs, the agency is given one chance to control the goods that come into the country. Serving as a de facto "gatekeeper" often involves customs officials wrongfully seizing imported products.
  • Tariff law disputes and custom seizure litigation — While disputes in assessed duties represent a few percentage points, those differences can cost our clients millions of dollars. Our job is to find resolution through the administrative process.
  • Free Trade Agreement qualification — Free trade agreements can provide easy access to export goods to a foreign country and import products into the United States. However, the rules are strict, and one mistake could result in the loss of that free benefit.
  • Structuring imports for favorable product and duty rates — Pre-importation planning is a vital first step to maintaining a healthy bottom line. A proactive approach could result in reduced duty rates and higher profitability.
  • Custom broker, bonded warehouse and foreign trade zone regulations — Heavy government regulations govern import and export professionals and companies. They need experienced and trusted legal counsel to navigate them through a complex series of "do's" and "don'ts."
  • International trade law — One country's business standards may not always translate to practices in the United States. While the rules are becoming more standard in a "smaller" world, issues related to security could have a negative impact on importers and exporters. Those problems require the attention of a San Diego trade attorney.

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