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Tariffs are a tax imposed on imported goods from outside the country not imposed on similar goods in the country. Import tariffs are often imposed based on a percentage of the items' estimated market value. A difference of a few percentage points can result in increased costs in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars.

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California Import Duty Lawyers

Cross-border assembly operations and NAFTA rules are complex. For example, textiles made by hand results in a 5 percent tariff whereas machine-manufactured textiles could be assessed at an 11 percent tariff. With multiple shipments valued at $100,000, that 6 percent difference could severely impact an importer's bottom line. Sets or complete manufacturing systems can be classified according to the highest rate of a single component.

Our Los Angeles tariff law attorneys strive to counter a powerful bureaucracy with experience and legal knowledge. Most tariff disputes are resolved at the administrative level. Rarely do cases involving classification and value disagreements end up in court. However, we are always prepared to litigate the dispute if that provides the best outcome for our clients.

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