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Customs valuation formulas govern all merchandise imported into the United States. The Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) database serves as an international tariff classification system.

Knowledge of complex formulas and systems is vital to the attorneys at Stein Shostak Shostak Pollack & O'Hara, LLP. Our firm has helped clients achieve favorable duty rates for their products since 1933. Schedule your appointment today.

California Tariff Engineering Lawyers

Effective import duty structures and plans allow importers to take advantage of specific trade laws and minimize customs duties. Valuation of the import involves complicated formulas. Certain strategies can reduce duties, even when the purchase of products is through an intermediary as opposed to the manufacturer. Proper structuring can also result in certain non-production costs being exempted from taxes.

Classification determines the rate of pay for a duty, including possible import restrictions, special tariff treatment or concessions, and the admissibility of goods. Reclassification claims can succeed with minor changes to the product or shipping parts rather than a completed product. Savings provisions also exist for goods being repaired or used as samples for additional orders.

Tariff engineering is an important component of pre-importation planning. The process serves as a balancing act that requires representation from a seasoned Los Angeles import structure lawyer at Stein Shostak Shostak Pollack & O'Hara, LLP. The goal is to provide our customers with the maximum benefits while complying with strict rules and regulations.

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