California Free Trade Agreement Lawyers

Multiple Free Trade Agreements (FTA) allow a quid pro quo for United States exporters to sell products to other countries. The bilateral agreements with other countries provide industry professionals with the opportunity to avoid or minimize duty liabilities and secure easier access in the export of their goods into a foreign country.

Each FTA eliminates barriers and encourages trade between countries. Each agreement promotes domestic manufacturing output and related investments into companies. Companies save money by reducing customs disputes or eliminating them altogether.

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California and Washington FTA Attorneys

Securing that free benefit is the first step. Abiding by the rules must continue or that cost-saving status can be stripped away by the government. At Stein Shostak Shostak Pollack & O'Hara, LLP, we know the impact of losing duty-free status and provide aggressive representation to our clients unfairly disqualified. Our California customs lawyers consult with our clients to ensure adherence and provide aggressive representation when the duty-free status is threatened or taken away.

Requirements of the FTA are strict. The smallest mistake or oversight can lead to the U.S. government stripping an importer of the FTA status. The punishment does not stop there. Oftentimes, penalties and claims for duties can be imposed for violations that occurred up to five years before the discovery.

The job of our Los Angeles Free Trade Agreement attorneys is to negotiate a resolution with the U.S. government. If that fails, we will not hesitate to pursue litigation to rightfully restore FTA status and minimize claims for unpaid duties and related penalties.

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