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Laws that were enacted following World War II and 9/11 create complexities for today's exporter. Products have become more sophisticated with components being constructed in multiple countries. Technologies have become more sophisticated and could increase the power of enemy countries possessing it. The rules are detailed and contain many pitfalls for the uninitiated. Experienced counsel can help businesses to navigate through those procedures.

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Exporting can be a profitable business if you understand the myriad laws and regulations enforced today. At Stein Shostak Shostak Pollack & O'Hara, LLP, we do not expect the exporters who retain our firm to navigate the legal and bureaucratic complexities in exporting products around the world. They need legal counsel from Los Angeles export law attorneys combining both, hands-on experience in and a comprehensive knowledge of export restrictions enforced by U.S. Customs.

California and Washington Export Regulation Lawyers

Export laws specify the ways U.S. businesses compete against corporations with operations in other countries. The regulations enforced by the Commerce and State Departments also dictate how U.S. businesses operate overseas. Many exported products are made with components from more than one country, and they require adherence to export restrictions and international trade laws.

For example, a B-26 bomber can be exported as long as the bomb bay doors are not operational. If they can operate, the bomber becomes an implement of war and subject to munitions control laws. Cellphones must contain specific frequencies or they could be considered to have military applications.

What may seem like a small detail to a manufacturer can become a major issue that delays the exporting of a product, which results in seizures, penalties, the loss of time and money, and even forfeiture of goods.

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