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"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." — Benjamin Franklin

When it comes to goods entering the country, U.S. Customs enforces strict mandates for other agencies. Importers must be compliant with complex rules and regulations that apply to their specific products.

Employing a proactive approach with the help of a customs lawyer can benefit their bottom line. Since 1933, the customs law firm of Stein Shostak Shostak Pollack & O'Hara, LLP, has helped industry professionals with vital and cost-saving pre-importation planning.

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California Customs and International Law Attorneys

U.S. Customs is one of the few agencies where decisions about classifications and duties tendered on shipments are made upfront. Without pre-importation planning, an import could be held up at the border, delaying the delivery of products to customers. Duties, taxes and delays increase. While representing a few percentage points, an importer could see costs rise thousands, if not millions, of dollars.

Duties for imports are a great source of revenue for the U.S. government. However, they undermine hard work and impact an importer's bottom line. Misclassification in tendering duty is common. There is little to no downside for the government to be wrong, especially if a dispute is not resolved.

Taking on a powerful bureaucracy requires the help of experienced Los Angeles customs law attorneys who have earned the respect of U.S. Customs officials and international trade community members. Pre-importation planning is the "ounce of prevention" importers need.

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