Los Angeles Customs Detention Attorneys

Ordinarily, before the Government seizes any imported goods, there is a stage called "detention." This is an important stage as it is an opportunity to prevent your goods from Customs seizure. Why? If goods are seized, even with prompt notice of the seizure, it can take months to retrieve your goods. In some cases seizure cases are not resolved in six months or even longer. This is why the detention stage is critical. Many times, within the initial "30-day detention" period, the matter can be resolved prior to seizure.

Avoid the "black hole" of seizure and take legal action immediately. We cannot stress enough how important it is to take necessary steps during the detention stage. Tell us about your Customs detention case today.

The Critical Detention Stage

At such a critical stage in your Customs case, it makes sense to find a law firm that not only handles these specific legal issues but handles them well. Since 1933, Stein Shostak Shostak Pollack & O'Hara, LLP, has handled Customs detention and seizure-related cases. As a well-respected worldwide Customs practice, we can help you not only in Los Angeles, San Diego and Washington, D.C., but in our law office in Shanghai. Our China partner is licensed in the U.S., has nearly 20 years of experience and speaks Mandarin and English fluently. Talk to one of our Customs detention attorneys today about your case, and we will help you seek a swift resolution.

Customs detention issues often involve:

  • Quantity issues
  • Trademark infringement
  • Copyrights and licensing
  • Gray and parallel goods
  • Admissibility of endangered species, food, drugs and toys

Many times, Stein Shostak attorneys took action and administrative steps during the detention period giving the client a right to judicial action. As a result, skillful litigating by our lawyers has resulted in the Government having to not only release goods but pay court costs and attorney's fees.

A Law Firm That Has Changed the Landscape of Customs Detention Law

While our Customs attorneys are often successful in representing our clients, they also have changed the landscape of Customs law. A holding in one of our cases makes Daubert apply to Customs laboratory processes. Another recent decision makes clear that filing a summons in the Court of International Trade trumps Customs' seizure authority. In both of these cases, the Government was ordered to pay the firm's legal fees and costs. This just shows that we are not afraid to go to court and when successful seek to recover attorney's fees and costs on behalf of our clients.

Do Not Let Your Exports, Imports and Other Goods Get Seized

For our law office in Los Angeles, California, call 213-630-8888. For our Washington, D.C., office: 202-331-1876. One of our seasoned attorneys will discuss your Customs detention case with you and go over your options.