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The sale, import or export counterfeit goods is unlawful and can result in criminal charges. In our experience over the years as Customs and international trade attorneys, we found that many times detained goods were we actually not counterfeit. Most publicized seizure cases focus on large quantities of goods seized as counterfeit, but almost never will Customs recant these claims or acknowledge the goods were actually not counterfeit and no illegal activity was found.

The Truth About Counterfeit Imports or Counterfeit Goods

The slightest detail in a good or import can cause the Government to seize the goods and claim they are counterfeit. Our law firm is highly experienced in this area of the law, now being in our ninth decade of practice. In the past, we have been able to get hundreds of shipments released for our clients. If you have been contacted by the Government for counterfeit goods, take immediate action. You do not want your goods seized as they could be held in storage for months and months.

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The truth is that many times these Government cases turn out to not to have merit. So called "counterfeit goods or imports" are often actually not counterfeit. For example, the Government has seized thousands of pairs of pants that are of a name brand. Because the "zipper pull" is considered to be infringing, Customs seized the pants as "counterfeit." Oftentimes, our lawyers were able to convince Customs that the goods themselves are admissible and detained shipment released.

A key point in a counterfeit claim is this: Once the Government seizes the merchandise as counterfeit, even if you are able to retrieve the goods, a monetary penalty can still be assessed based on the seizure alone. For example, a shipment of watches is detained and then seized. Even if you recover your watches after the watches were found to not be counterfeit, the Government can still issue a penalty for the watches you recovered. The penalty under the Customs law is based on the MSRP value, not the purchase price. This is why the detention stage is so critical and why you should take action immediately to avoid such penalties.

Act Now Before Your Goods Are Seized

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